Vortex Education - Builders Registration Course, become a registered builder

FAQ Group: Course Information

Why study an online course?

Studying an online course is a fantastic learning opportunity, which occurs when students are separated by geographic distance or by time. At Vortex Education your learning is supported by our online technology such as interactive sessions with trainers, inline lectures and email. Online learning is any learning experience or environment that relies upon the Internet/World Wide Web (WWW or Web) as the primary delivery mode of communication and presentation.

There are potential benefits of investing in online learning for example, increased access, improved quality of learning, better preparation of students for a knowledge-based society, “lifelong” learning opportunity, profit making, and many more. Limitations are also evident in this popular learning environment.

Among them are:

  • online learning start-up funding,
  • organizational preparedness, and
  • student readiness.

We understand that students perform better in online courses due to the flexibility and responsiveness experienced in online learning. And that students’ satisfaction is positively impacted when the technology is transparent and functions both reliably and conveniently.

Would you like to gain your builders registration? study online with Vortex Education.

Who should undertake the course?

This course is aimed at anyone who works on a construction site, owner builders, building inspectors whether commercial, industrial or residential and covers a wide range of topics for tasks undertaken in maintenance and building.